Welcome, this is me and here I am; an everyday girl in today’s world. I love rainbows, philosophy, discussions and my horse (of course). I am an empathic listener, but really bad at keeping track of social media. Welcome to my life, here I am and this is me, who are you?

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I am a everyday girl, who loves philosophy and philosophical discussions, likes other people but needs to be on her own a lot too, loves all animals and especially horses and is not a natural with social media. I have the need to be honest and to be able to explore whatever topic comes to mind, hence the start of this blog. I do not believe my life to be that different from anybody elses life, but since I have only mine to write about I’ll do that.

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If you have any thoughts, suggestions or questions that you would like to share, please fill in the contact form below! I always love to hear other people’s ideas, which will also help me to challenge my own beliefs and ideas.