The beginning or the end?

Hello hello world out there, endless void,

My very first blog post! This is weird… Like you have read in my description, I am really bad at keeping track of social media. Send me a Facebook message and I might not respond. Send my something with Whatsapp and I probably will not respond. E-mails are even worse! So why this blog post? Good question… The answer is: I don’t know.

Or maybe I do. I had the need to share some of my thoughts with you and I didn’t know where I could. Whatsapp was not an option, obviously, since you are not there and I don’t like it. Facebook was not an option either. I have been spamming people’s timelines enough with my thoughts about the world, they might be sick of it already. No it was time to create a place where I could just share some thoughts, feelings and ideas. A place that was ment solely for that, a place which purpose was only that.

So here I am, this is me, welcome to my life. This is the beginning of something new. Or maybe the end, might I decide in the morning that this was a crazy idea 😉




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