Hey you,

Hey you,

You out there, you that I am not speaking with at the moment, hey you who has similar quirks, I miss you. Hey you beautiful spirit, kind soul, open human being, I admire you. Hey you with the thoughtful eyes, the kind smile and the love for this world, I like you. Hey you who sees the other, who can see into the self, who can give words to that, I have been looking for you. Hey you who accepts all and challenges all, you amaze me. Hey you who thinks a lot, questions a lot, wants to learn a lot, you make me smile. Hey you with the laugh, with the joy and with the relaxation, I care for you. Hey you with the slight toughness, the putting off projects, the impulsiveness, I put my head in my hands and smile. Hey you with whom I live in the same era, on the same continent, in the same generation, you came right on time. Hey you with whom I can finally breathe again, with whom I feel together, where are you? Hey you who I have been waiting for, who allows me to be better, who knows me, I hope to see you soon.


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