We will stay here by our footprint

It is stormy today; the wind blows, the rain falls, the leaves dance around in the wind. It is autumn where I live. This is the perfect day to stay inside, drink hot coco, bake cookies and read books by the fire. So naturally I have taken it upon myself to spend the entire day outside. To feel the wind trying to blow me of my path, to have the rain wash my face clean and new, to feel the cold seeping through my clothes to settle in my bones, so that at the end of the day when I come home, change my wet clothes into a comfortable house-outfit, I feel like I have done something worthwhile. Because in the end that is all that we want to feel; like we do not go unnoticed, do not fall apart after we have left, but that we leave a footprint to be seen by. We want to feel that our life is bigger than just waiting until we die. We want our life to add something to this world, to change a small part of it, to influence it so that in that change and in that influence we know that we exist and that we will have existed. In a way it is sort of like securing our immortality, we may pass on but by leaving an excerpt of ourselves behind, we will never have not existed. We are strange creatures, we human beings. Other creatures, animals, plants, rocks, they do not seem to have that urge; although that is only seem, because who the hell knows? Maybe they also want to leave something behind. Maybe they already do leave something behind. Better said yet, they have already left something behind. From what they all have saved up over thousands of years, we can live our extravagantly lives. We live from their footprint. And now it is our turn. Now we want to save something for the generations to come. Something that will aid them, something that will allow their lives to be lived, something that they can remember us by, so that we will not be forgotten. That in all the years to come, no one can ever escape that we have been here, that we are here and that we forever will be here. So with that holy quest in my DNA, in all my cells, in every fibre of my being, I drag myself outside; to establish my life here on earth (and to return to hot coco and cookies once I have fulfilled my days mission in this quest).


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