Conscience conversations

“So what do you do with the rest of your time?”. Good question!

After explaining to you that I work about twenty hours a week, the rest of what I do must seem like so little. I will spend time with my horse, that is another 18 hours a week. That is a luxury you say? Yes of course it is! But also something that brings me joy, that brings my horse joy and something I will use later in my work. I also sometimes meet friends and family, another 6 hours a week. Not necessarily something that earns me money, but definitely something that is important to me. I spend time writing this blog. That is definitely a luxury. And yet, still also something that helps me. It helps me use my creativity for something positive, instead of using it for things like worrying, panicking, thinking negative thoughts et cetera. It is as Elizabeth Gilbert says: ‘When you are not creating something, you are probably destroying something’. So I took that to heart and decided to start using my imagination and my creativity to make something, to create a thing, so that I will not use those gifts to create darkness and despair.

So what else do I do throughout the week? I watch series, read books, some for personal development and some for shameless relaxation and joy. I try to find some internships, get in touch with people in my line of work to learn more and create a network. That is something that I do. I play the piano, just because I like to listen to music I create by putting my hands in certain positions. I fret over that one person that I miss. I sleep, a lot! I laugh a lot! I sometimes go for walks, to increase some fitness and quiet my thoughts. So basically, that’s my week.

And even though I have listed quite some stuff here, I feel it is not enough. That I am basically freeloading this life and that I should do more. Maybe that is true and should I do more. So, I will work a bit harder to get an internship. I will start a new course, to learn a new language that I will need to speak. And I will help out in house more. Would that be enough oh conscience?

Well, it is enough for now. I will be back tomorrow.



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