Do you believe in miracles?

Do you believe in miracles?

Let me tell you what I am convinced you will answer to that question; what anyone will answer to that question, because I believe there simply is no other way. Yes, you do believe in miracles! Maybe you do not feel this is true, but I believe you simply might not realize your miracle believing ability. Please, stick with me and I will explain.

I will start with another question: ‘Where are you right now?’. Maybe you will answer things like: ‘I am in Europe’ or ‘I am in Tokyo’, ‘a forest in rural England’ is also a valid answer, as is ‘on top of the Himalaya’. Let me tell you another valid answer: ‘I am on a big, round-ish object, traveling through space. I am in the universe‘. See that shift? Both answers are true, though both give entirely different feelings.

Me myself, I often get so preoccupied by my life and the world around me that I forget how this world can exist.When my alarm goes off in the morning and I open my curtains to the early morning light, I think of what I have to do today. When I am thirsty, I get up from my comfortable couch to get a glass and fill it with water. When I am hungry, I go to the supermarket to buy food. When I am cold, I get up to move from the shadow to sit in the sun. Et cetera, et cetera.

What I often fail to realize is that it is light in the morning because the earth has rotated a full circle around her axis, that leads to my country being exposed to an enormous ball of super hot energy that gives us light. I do not often think about how, if the earth had been placed either closer to the sun or further away from her, we would not be able to live, because the earth would either be way too hot or way too cold to sustain live. When I schlep myself from the couch to the kitchen to fetch water, I do not think about where the water came from to begin with. Was it just floating around in space until it found a suitable place to stay (yes, I know this was not the case!)? If water was formed from different molecules, why did it do that? I could go on and on. When I am hungry, I do not ponder the magnificence of plants growing because there is both water, earth and an enormous hot star together nurturing the plant, providing it vitamins and minerals. When I look forward to summer, to putting my winter coat in the back of my closet and welcome shorts, dresses and sun hats, I do not think about the fact that summer in my country is merely the earths’ position relative to the sun.

Basically, we float around in the universe, traveling around with other stars and planets at an enormous speed, placed at a certain distant from a hot fire-ball, on a round object that at any moment can be crushed by objects flying around in space. We can only live because all these different components came together, formed other objects, that formed objects needed to sustain life et cetera. The sheer fact that we are able to be alive, in what ever circumstances, is in itself a miracle. Whether you are religious and praise a deity for this, an atheist or an agnostic; do you really deny that your living is miraculous? Me neither.

I do realize however that if you would define a miracle as something that cannot by explained by natural laws or physics, this would cause a bit of a problem for my reasoning here. My decidedly unscientific reasoning, because I am basically just writing down a thought process I have from time to time. So for me, it may be clear that I define a miracle as an unusual event or phenomenon. And as such, I view my life, your life, the train I am currently traveling in and everything else, as wonderful parts of a miraculous phenomenon.

So my lovely companion-miracles, enjoy this wonder, this magnificence and pull yourself out your funk from time to time to ponder this marvelous, big, spacey universe we are a tiny, tiny part of.


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