‘Are you free?’ you ask and

all I can think is ‘Yes, with you I am’. You look at me

confused, because you never saw a cage preventing me to fly. There is

no cage,  no bars nor any clipping of my wings. There is

no one holding me back, tying me down, keeping me silent.

And yet,

yet I did not feel free.

And yet,

I could not speak my mind without defending it. Not

laugh or cry or be excited,

without explaining it.

And yet,

everywhere I went I

had to translate  to speak to others and

to understand what they had spoken to me.

There was no cage,

There was no rope,

There was never any locked door,

but also, there was never any state

of being

in the moment.

Then you came,

held up your hand,

introduced freedom to me.

Before I spoke a single word,

explained a single feeling,

offered any private knowledge,

I knew that I was loved,

cared for and accepted.

With you there

was no hunt for status, no image to uphold.

There was not good or bad, no perfect nor evil.

There was no second guessing, no trying to impress.

There was no thing that I could say or do,

that would ever change what you already knew.

I see you


You see me


We are



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