My wish for you


Sometimes I need to get something of my chest. Sometimes there are words that press so hard on my mind that there is nothing I can do except to let them out. Sometimes I wish I could just write the words on every wall of my room, because they are so important that writing them in a diary just will not suffice. Since I am for the most part not an impulsive type, writing texts all over my room is too permanent a decision for me to make. So I found a solution. For some time now, when I have words in my heart that will not rest until they are publicly visible, I write them down; on my mirror.

I am not sure how this idea came together in my mind, but it did and it works wonderfully for me. Whenever I have something in my heart, something I feel I need to get out in the open for me to examine, I write it on my mirror. Sometimes the words are a scream of anger I have been holding in to spare those around me, sometimes they are lyrics of a song I love, sometimes they are a thought that I want to think about, but always they are words that I want to hear, need to hear, over and over again.

My latest writing on my mirror was inspired by an evening of thinking about deep questions with a friend. When I came home I realized that there was something I wanted to write on my mirror, though I was not sure what I would be yet. So I put on some pyjama’s, took my marker and sat myself in front of my mirror. I really wanted to write something down, but no specific words came to mind. Then all of a sudden a question came to mind: ‘What would the nicest, most compassionate and loving entity that could possibly exist, want to say to me?’. This is how it turned out:

‘My wish for you is,

that you will know what your own worth is,

that you will trust you are capable to grow,

that you will proudly take up space,

that you are not afraid of losing love, because you know it will always return,

that you will take yourself serious,

that you will allow your needs to be present and to be heard,

that you won’t let ambitions or rebelliousness keep you from loving,

that you will accept help, rest, friendship and LOVE

because you know you deserve it.’

I might have written it myself, I might have addressed it to myself, it does not really matter; the words still affect me. I felt friendlier, because those words surely were nice and I wrote them about me. It also helped me to make some different choices this weekend, because the words were still in my memory, reminding me for example to accept help when it was offered.

And now I want to challenge you: ‘What would the nicest, most compassionate and loving entity that could possibly exist, want to say to you?’.

With love.




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