FWOL or something like it

I have been opening a new, fresh sheet of paper (blog post), then closing it again, to open it the next day yet again. I have not been writing much lately, and though I really want to, I find it incredibly hard. It is not that I have nothing to write down, it is more that I feel like I have written it all down already and nothing has changed. It is like I am running in a circle; I keep bumping into feelings and ideas I had weeks ago and nothing has changed much in the time in-between. I am not sure if this is because these are some challenges that I am now starting to solve, so they seem to get worse before they get better, or if this is because nothing is changing indeed. Could be either one of these options, or maybe a third option that I have not considered yet.

In times like these, where chaos rules, I sometimes find myself wishing I had a life like in Friends. Somehow in this series, even the darker times with lots of drama, seem to be light in some way. Rachel, Chandler, Ross, Monica, Phoebe and Joey will always find something to laugh about, no matter how difficult the situation. Now I am aware that this is a series and not a standard for everyday life, but would it not be great if you could feel that yourself too? That no matter the struggle you are facing, you can stand still for a second, crack a joke, before moving on and diving into the serious stuff again. Maybe there are already people out there living in this amazing way; if you are and you are reading this, can you maybe tell us doomies (always ready for doom to arrive) your secrets? Do we need to learn more jokes? Should we try to at least tell one joke an hour? Should we practice drinking coffee in the café Central Perk beneath our flat? Share your Friends-life secrets with us!

Since I am not living in a flat and I am currently surrounded by only animals and fields (farm-sitting, like baby-sitting but with farms) I will have to improvise a little with the Friends-way-of-life (hence the FWOL 😉 ). Coffee drinking in the downstairs café is replaced by leaning against a heater with a huge cup of tea clutched in my hands; cracking jokes is replaced by listening to cats snore and walking into the apartment across the hall, owned by my best friends, is replaced by going outside to say hello to the horses. At least I will be very zen after a few more days taking care of the farm here. Hello my inner-silence!


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