Let there be love

A very short blog post today:

The last few blogs I wrote were kind of leaning towards sad and maybe a bit depressing. This is simply because I am in a transitional time period, where a lot of things I am used to are changing or disappearing altogether. As you might recognize from your own life, this can bring a lot of confusion with it and maybe a general resistance to change. I wrote this all down and posted it, because sometimes you just need an outlet for your thoughts so they can get out of your head.

But to also let you know the other side, because there always is one; next to all the changes I have to get used to, there are also a lot of wonderful things happening. I think that some of the situations you face in life point towards what your next point of learning is. Simply because we can create different situations by the way we interact with the world and sometimes the way in which interact, can use a bit of tweaking. I realized that the challenging situations I am currently facing all have an underlying learning point for me: namely that I need to learn how to set boundaries for myself and others. Though this is a challenge, it is also reassuring to know that if I can learn to set more and stronger boundaries, a lot of my other challenges will disappear.

Next to all this serious stuff, I also got to spend lots of time with people I love, had some job opportunities related to my field of study and I am looking forward to a big trip at the end of january. So all in all, my life is going really well and I thought I should also write that down.

For now I wish all of you, wherever you are in the world, a really good New Years Eve. I hope that you will have a good transition from 2016 to 2017. Maybe the coming year bring you joy, love and friendship and may it also bring you strength to deal with difficult times. But most of all let there be love!

All the love, a big hug and see you next year,



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