Resolutions and the like

Dear all,

I wish you such a happy new year! We are on day 2 of a brand new year, the history of 2017 is right here, happening now. What will it be?

In my family we have created this little New Years tradition called New Years resolutions 😉 Every New Years morning we sit at breakfast together and, amongst other things, we discuss our resolutions for the coming year. We will tell each other what we would like to do or change this year and we help each other to make our resolutions SMART: Specific, Measurable, Active, Realistic and Time-based. As we work our way around the table to hear everybody’s smart resolutions, one of us will be taking notes; all our resolutions are written down in a document that is then sent to everyone by e-mail. This way we can never conveniently ‘forget’ our resolutions or pretend we never even made them in the first place. Also, this way we can sit together at the end of the year, on New Years Eve, and actually discuss what we did about our resolutions and if we achieved them.

I absolutely love this tradition; I love the fact that we do not make resolutions for the ideal life we wish to have, but that we instead make resolutions for a little change in the real life we have. I love that we praise each other for resolutions we worked on and achieved and that we help each other to understand why other resolutions did not succeed or did not get our attention. This way we support each other to make the changes we wish to see.

This year though I have TWO sorts of resolutions; I have the family-discussed public resolutions and I have my secret, preciously private resolutions. These are the things I want to work on, without having to explain them to anyone. One of those resolutions may be the hardest one of all. That is my resolution to fall asleep without distractions. Sounds simple right? Not for me though. For a few years I have been falling asleep by listening to audiobooks or  by watching series until I am so tired I just sink away in sleep.

I have started to do this at a time when I was missing out on sleep because my thoughts would not quiet and would keep me up the entire night. I found out that by distracting myself from my thoughts, I could fall asleep faster and easier. However, I kept on doing this and at a certain point I realized that by doing this I was not only falling asleep faster but I was also missing out on much need processing-time. I noticed that the thoughts that kept popping-up at night, where thoughts and ideas in need of further processing. Without this processing-time my life was starting to feel rushed and over-full, simply because I had not given myself time to store my thoughts of previous days so as to make place for new thoughts and ideas.

Even though I have known for a while now that my distraction-method was keeping me from processing, I found it hard to change this. I am so used to falling asleep by listening to a conversation, that without distractions I found myself lying awake for hours until I would finally cave in, put on an audiobook and would fall asleep within minutes. But since I was making all these New Years’ resolutions, I decided that this was a good moment to take and try to change this. So last night I spend my first night trying to fall asleep without distractions. Let me tell you, it was HARD! I was awake for hours and the thought to just listen to something to fall asleep kept bugging me. But I persisted and in the end I fell asleep and woke up this morning feeling refreshed. I stuck with it, I hated the process but loved the outcome.

How about you guys? Do you make New Years’ resolutions too? And what are they? Are you too trying to stretch your comfort zone and are you too feeling how UNcomfortable that is? Me too! But I believe we can do this, we can sit/run/work through it, one step at a time.

If you have any thoughts to add or just thoughts to share, please feel free to do so.

With all my love,



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