We are rich with time (and probably a lot of other things too)

Do you ever take a moment to realise how much of what people in first world countries are capable of doing is facilitated by technology? If yes, good for you! If not, allow me to help you take a moment to do this.

About a little over hundred years ago, the first electric washing machine was invented. Before people used to wash their clothing and bed sheets by hand; they cooked water so they had hot water, used a washboard, soap and their own physical strength. In the early years of her marriage, my granny was one of these people. It used to take her an entire day to do all the washing. An entire day! Monday was washing day and my gran spend the entire day scrubbing and soaping clothes. Can you imagine how much of your time was spent just doing that? To think that you needed about 7 hours to do wash, while nowadays cleaners are expected to clean an entire house (including washing clothes) in just 4 hours!

As a (first world) society we have gained so much time from all the technology we developed over the years. Not only from technology for our homes, but basically all other technology too. The time we gain enables us to relax more and also to work more. It enables us to have the luxury of needing a sport to stay fit and lean, because we both have energy and time to do that. The technology allows us more time to turn inward, to look inside ourselves and to mentally and spiritually develop ourselves. I would not want to suggest that you cannot do all these things without technology, because you can and it has happened and still happens. I just think that it is a lot easier to do those things when you are well rested instead of when you are completely exhausted from doing all the work by hand.

It is easier to take time to write a blog, like I am doing, when you are well-rested and have time to spare as opposed to when you need to use all the time you have. It is easier to enrich your mind with books when you have time to read them than when you are short on it. And it is definitely easier for women to make a career, now the housekeeping has become so much more manageable (because history won’t change and women used to do the housekeeping).

I guess what I am trying to say is this: let us once in a while take a moment to realise the following. Our lives our made so much easier by technology. We are capable of living the lives we lives, some of us are even able to choose the life we live, because of the incredible richness that surrounds us. Because a lot of us are rich. We have a warm home (whether it is small or big), we have food on the table, we have ways to transport ourselves through our lives (whether on bike, by bus or by car) and we have time to spend on bonding with family and friends. Let us take a moment to be grateful and humbled by our fortune, because we know that if we were born in another place or another time, our lives could have been entirely different.

So I am taking that moment: Thank you for my fortune. Thank you all out there who are adding to my fortune by doing what you do, thank you universe for all these gifts that I’ve been giving, thank you that I am able to live a life I choose.

With grace and love,



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