Mix it up

Hey all,

First of all welcome new followers! Really great to meet you here and to share ideas with you and hopefully also with you, as it would be great to hear yours! 🙂

So the last few weeks I have been “mixing it up” a little… Sounds ominous I know, but all it means is that I have been doing all sorts of things that fall outside of the normal, daily routine.

For example: I went abroad for a few days, doing a course (and felt super spoiled and rich doing so), loving every minute of it. Said hello to a stranger with a familiar face and now we’ll be meeting again soon. Posted a highly personal poem here, which was scary, but so, so nice as I felt connected with all of you in doing so. And today was maybe the most out of the ordinary…

… because,

I wrote a song!

Okay, not wrote-wrote, as there is no music to it (yet), but there is a melody and there are words. In the afternoon two lines with a melody snuck their way into my head, being new but sounding incredibly familiar. So this evening I decided to test this new melody and work from the chorus onward. And for the first time ever (situations like this have happened before) it actually worked. Within an hour I had the text and melody of an entire song.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying I am a great singer-songwriter. I am well-aware that I am no Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles, Adele, Pink etc. This is for sure not my calling or however you wish to name it, it’s not going on a record and for sure it’s not going to be heard by other people. However, I am saying that it is wonderfully stimulating to do something absolutely different, just because you feel like it.

I might not like my song tomorrow morning, I might feel majorly ashamed for even thinking it was good or… I might still like it. It actually doesn’t matter. What matters is that it made me happy to take some time and do something for the heck of it, enjoying the process of making ‘a thing’.

And you know what’s so marvelous? ‘The thing’ actually does not need to go any further than right here in my room, under the roof of my house. It never needs to be shared with other people, it can just be a little secret between me, myself and I (and now you guys too). Though, just to give you a sneak-peek (the only one), here’s a two lines that I feel really proud of:

“The first streams of day stroke your face

Beams touching hair burst into flames”

With all my love & mix it up,



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