Run baby run

“And you laugh and you cry,

And you live and you die,

cause you don’t really know who you are


Run baby run

My hands release you baby

run baby run

as fast as you can” ~ Jason Upton

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Mix it up

Hey all,

First of all welcome new followers! Really great to meet you here and to share ideas with you and hopefully also with you, as it would be great to hear yours! 🙂

So the last few weeks I have been “mixing it up” a little… Sounds ominous I know, but all it means is that I have been doing all sorts of things that fall outside of the normal, daily routine.

For example: I went abroad for a few days, doing a course (and felt super spoiled and rich doing so), loving every minute of it. Said hello to a stranger with a familiar face and now we’ll be meeting again soon. Posted a highly personal poem here, which Continue reading “Mix it up”

Moments continued

Dear all,

Moments. We all experience them every day, every time, all the time; we could even say that time is made up of an infinity of moments. Most of them pass by unnoticed, you meet them and within the blink of an eye you say goodbye again. Others are more significant and stay with you in your memories for years to come. And some are downright capable of changing you. Some moments are so, so significant that they almost literally cut time into pieces and leave a ‘before the moment’ and an ‘after the moment’.

Right now, I feel that I am in one of those moments. It happened out of the blue, nothing indicating anything big was about to happen. Then it happened. It was just 10 minutes in time, but felt like 10 years in experience. It was like a wake up call, like a slap in the face, like a change in perspective putting everything into place. And it felt great!

The moment itself has long passed, but its effect is still here and I suspect it will continue. It feels like I got a sneak peek into what is ahead of me and I am sooo curious as to see what will happen next.

What about all of you? Do you recognise something in this description? What was your moment of change? Your wake up call? Your before and after? Let me know!

With all my love,


Humanity’s most interesting gift

Last weekend I was on a big event, part of the promotion team for my friend’s business. The whole day we promoted the company and what it stands for; we talked with all sorts of people, trying to find out what was important to them and showing them how we could aid them in achieving this. We wrote down many an email address, explained courses and had interesting, sometimes really special, conversations. In short: we shared what we believed in!

During the day, we saw different demo’s being given right in front of our promotion stand and during breaks we could walk around and have a look what other people wanted to share with the world. Walking around like this, attending demo’s at different parts of the venue, one thing became crystal clear to me: I, we as a team, was/were not the only one passionate about their company, believing in their business. I was one of many others, all trying to work towards ‘a better world’, though all having quite different views of what ‘a better world’ constitutes of.

That got me thinking: what if I hadn’t met my friend? What if I had never known of her company and never learned of what she does? I might have met one of the other people present at the event and have become part of their vision and their company, even though I am certain I would not want to now. I might have believed in something completely different, even something that contradicts what I believe in now.

Perhaps it is not of great value to consider these ‘what if’s’ to great lengths, but they do raise an interesting point. As humans we can make something outside ourselves really important, to the point that we perceive it as our mission to spread or fulfill that vision, idea, teaching etc. We have the incredibly gift of giving meaning to something that does not have meaning of itself; or even to attach greater value to this version than to that version of the same thought, while in essence the value of either version may be neutral. We can take something and make it into more than it is and then release it into the world to follow and cherish it.

Does that make our ideas, teachings and visions pointless or useless? I don’t think so. Because it has meaning to us and will therefore stay valuable, no matter what other people do and no matter the process of how this something became so valuable to us. However, I think it raises the point of how we also can never say that somebody else’s idea, work, teaching etc., is meaningless. It just can’t be when it has so much value for that other person or group. What we might try to express is that this other thing has no meaning to us, but that does not affect what it could do with other people.

We can give meaning to something or take it away and it might not even matter what the thing is we give meaning to. In the end: it is the meaning itself that allows our lives to feel useful and purposeful. Meaning is in the eye of the beholder, though it’s effects are felt world-wide.

A backpack full of dusty clothes & a mind full of fresh experiences

Dear all,

It has been a while! After 2 months living abroad, living in Brasil to be more precise, I have safely returned home, with a backpack full of dusty clothes and a mind full of fresh experiences.

From all sides, people ask me the incredibly difficult, though simple question: ‘How was it??’. To that I can only say ‘It was amazing’, something that exactly describes what it was and simultaneously cannot even touch on the real experience.

Because how can you explain that the first two weeks of your stay you daily experienced the urge to cry, because the people you met were (and still are) so amazing, doing such good work? How can one describe the smell of the air, the feeling of those hot, moist temperatures and the taste of freshly picked bananas? How can one truly get across what it feels like when you hear a loud bang, only seconds later realizing that you have probably just heard someone being shot? And how can give words to the poverty you have seen and the amount of street children you have met, making you bow down in humility, thanking something bigger than yourself for all that you have received in your life?

It was an experience to hold close to my heart and it is for sure impossible to forget, but even though I have learned so much, I feel at the same time that the real learning has yet to begin. In the end it is not what you learn and do when abroad, but it is what you do when you go back to your ‘normal’ life that will determine if your journey truly made a difference.

When you go back, it is so easy and so tempting to slip back into your well-known habits and patterns, looking back at your journey as beautiful memories to share and stories to tell. But maybe it is not what you left behind, but what is still in front of you that makes the real adventure. Transforming your old life into something more than it was, weaving in, developing and living out all your acquired insights and wisdom, transcending the boundaries you have experienced in the past: perhaps that is what is truly the experience of a lifetime!

With all my love,


Waiting on adventures’ doorstep

Today I find myself on adventures’doorstep. Within two weeks I will step over that threshold and literally fly to the other side of the world to greet adventure. I will be travelling for a few months, emerging myself in a different culture with a different mindset. Naturally, I am really looking forward to this wonderful chance. I keep on being so amazed by the fact that I am so fortunate that I can decide to leave home for a while for the luxury of travelling. Next to being happy and excited, both emotions are definitely there, I am in all honesty also scared as f*ck…

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Between friendship and relationship freedom is found

“In true love, you attain freedom”– Thich Nhat Hanh

“When you reach the end of what you should know, you will be at the beginning of what you should sense” – Kahlil Gibran

“No man can reveal to you aught but that which lies already half asleep in the dawning of your knowledge.” – Kahlil Gibran

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